6 breathtaking Islands in Vanuatu

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Beyond Aussies’ beloved Fiji, there are many more breathtaking islands to discover in the South Pacific. The islands of the South Pacific embody nature’s beauty and magnificence. They are not only beautiful, but are also safe, clean and untouched. Vanuatu is one such island; it is a diver’s and snorkeler’s mecca, a volcano enthusiast’s ideal destination and an adventurer’s playground. What’s more is it is actually an hour closer from Sydney as compared to Fiji. It is the perfect destination for adventure-seeking friends, families and couples. Here are 6 picturesque islands in Vanuatu that are worth visiting.

Efate Island

Efate is the main island and the international gateway to Vanuatu. It is characterized by a wide array of accommodation options ranging from basic bungalows to luxurious 5-star over water bungalows that are an absolute delight. It is vibrant and live with a mix of bars, restaurants and markets. It is strategically located close to other amazing small islands such as Eratoka, Pele, Nguna, Emao and Lelepa. The Eratoka Island is stunning, when seen from a distance it looks like a huge floppy hat.

Santo Island

This is Vanuatu’s largest island. It is globally renowned for its gorgeous white sand beaches. If you love swimming and scuba diving then you can head to the beautiful blue holes hidden deep within the jungle. Santo has world famous diving sites such as President Coolidge.

If you dream of seeing active volcanoes in action then you have a wide selection to choose from; Mota Lava, Vanua Lava and Ra Lava. You will definitely be mesmerized by the volcanic mountains and the awe-inspiring waterfalls of Vanua Lava. Additionally, you will enjoy the splendid views as you climb the massive rocks on Ra Lava or the magnificent Sleeping Mountain on Mota Lava.

Tanna Island
This spectacular island is rich with natural wonders that will increase your appreciation for nature. It features stunning waterfalls that have underwater caves where you can swim and interact with the local people who are extremely friendly and hospitable. Tanna is home to one of the world’s most accessible volcanoes; the great and mighty Mount Yasur, here you will be treated to a magnificent and memorable lava display. In Tanna you can also interact with the locals for an authentic cultural experience and breathtaking ancient rainforests.

Malekula Island

This is Vanuatu’s second largest island; it has rich cultural offerings and has some of the best custom dancers in Vanuatu who will entertain you and mesmerise you. In Malekula you can opt to live in a village setting and have a front seat to the locals’ culture. The villagers are not only friendly but also willing to share their culture, history, songs and dances.

If you love adventure then you can trek through the rugged forest-cover interior and the breathtaking mountainous regions. This stunning island is a gateway to other small neighbouring islands such as Uri, Uripiv and Maskelyenes where you can snorkel and relax on the pristine sandy beaches.

Ambrym Islands

This island is a favourite for lovers of the supernatural; thanks to sorcery and volcanic ash it has earned the name “Black Island”. If you are a lover of fitness and adventure then a trek to the twin volcanoes; Mount Marum and Mount Benbow are ideal for you. These two active volcanoes are characterized by boiling lava lakes that are beautiful sights to behold. In the Ambrym Islands you will experience authentic culture and mind-blowing traditions that will help you explore the beautiful culture of the locals. Ranging from fern masks to custom dances, the cultural experience will be a memorable and awe-inspiring experience.

Pentecost Island

Internationally recognised as home to one of the most weird and strange customs in the world is the Naghol’s daring land diving ritual. This island is visited annually by many tourists who are intrigued by this unique custom. The land diving tradition is inspired by modern day bungee jumping and it happens between April and June on Saturdays.

Apart from this unique tradition, visitors can also explore the stunning waterfalls or take a tour around the local village that is characterised by unique custom dressing. If you are on the adventurous side then a climb to the top of Mount Vetmar will be an enjoyable experience. To learn more about the best Vanuatu Island Accommodation then click on the link.

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