Enjoy a Luxurious Stay at the Quaint and Serene Vanuatu Islands

Traditional sculptures-Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a widely popular destination for travel enthusiasts who are looking forward to a unique yet tropical destination for tours. This quaint holiday spot is even more popular because unlike other leading destinations it doesn’t reek of hustle and bustle. Additionally, it is also untouched by the big tourism trades and is therefore a serene and calm place to stay.

The location of Vanuatu is incredibly stunning. Such is its beauty, that it has been ranked at the sixth position on the list of top ten countries to visit as compiled by Lonely Planet. This list was seen in its popular annual publication called the “Best in Travel”. According to the Asia-Pacific travel editor of this magazine, Vanuatu managed to make a position in this list for its completely authentic cultural experiences.

The Vanuatu Republic is a collection of tiny little islands located in the Southern Pacific Ocean. It is more specifically an archipelago which covers 1,750 km to the eastern zone of Australia, 500 km to the north eastern zone of New Caledonia, the western part of Fiji and southern part of the Solomon Islands.

The destination is highly flexible when it comes to travel and it is only a puny distance from the populous seaboard cities of the Eastern Australia. It can be reached in 2.5 hours of flying from the North Eastern part of Brisbane, around 3 hours from Sydney and 2 to 2.5 hours from the city of Auckland. It is well connected by flights. You will find several regular flights under Air Vanuatu from Fiji, Noumea and also Honiara.

History and legacy

Vanuatu was originally called the New Hebrides Islands during the colonial period. Many of the islands here have been inhabited by the masses for many years. The oldest archaeological evidence to be recorded dates back to 2000 BC.

In the year 1605, a Portuguese explorer by the name of Pedro Fernandez became the first European to ever reach here. Eventually, many Europeans started settling here by the late 18th century. The popular British explorer James Cook too visited this destination twice, and on his second visit he called it New Hebrides.

Most of the islands and sub islands in the Vanuatu are volcanic and mountainous. They are indeed stunning to look at and are absolutely perfect for the tropical and subtropical type of climate. The largest towns of the nation are the capital city of Port Villa, located in Efate. Others include Espiritu Santo and Luganville.

Things to do here

If you’re going for a holiday trip to Vanuatu, the first thing that you should definitely do is taste the authentic cuisine of the island. Vanuatu will offer a massive selection of an exquisite dining experience. Whether you’re looking out to taste the authentic cuisine or something classier; this destination has several acclaimed bars, eateries, restaurants and cafés that’ll truly live up to your expectations. If you are a foodie then you’ll certainly thank yourself for choosing this place for the vacation.

Vanuatu is also rich with its unique and out of the box activities. Whether you’re looking for some entertainment, on island activities, off island activities or even activities for your little ones; in particular, Iririki Island Resort & Spa in Port Vila, Vanuatu, will always have something in the store. The destination also hosts several events in different seasons. So if you’re lucky enough, you may also get a chance to take part in these awesome events.

One of the most indulgent ways to enjoy the best out of your holiday experience is by opting for a spa tour. This island has several spas that offer stunning and breathtaking views of the harbour while pampering you at the same time. From body treatments, message therapies, facials and even manicure and pedicure; these spas truly pamper you to the utmost.

This location is also an excellent place to hold your meetings, conferences and wedding. There are several luxurious hotels that let you enjoy the warmth of nature while adhering to your comfort level. Couples who are looking out for a candlelit dinner around the beach can have these arranged with their accommodation choice.

So if you’re looking out to enjoy your time in utmost luxury, a Vanuatu island holiday is indeed one of its kind. Enjoy the quaint setting of the island while participating in the amazing events and while having a taste of the lip smacking cuisine.

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