The Perfect Pacific Island Holiday

pacific island holiday

The Perfect Pacific Island Getaway: 6 Top Destinations and Why They’re Unique?

They may look like tiny dots scattered inside a gigantic ocean when you compare them to Australia on a map, but the Pacific Islands are home to some of the most stunning things you’ll ever see. They’re also not a million miles away, so it’s the perfect place to head on holiday if you want to experience something special. A Pacific Island getaway could mean too many things due to the differences between each place, so to help you out we’ll cover a few of the top islands and the reasons why they should be your number one choice.

Bora Bora

Imagine you travelled back in time and asked Leonardo da Vinci to paint you a picture of paradise. There is a good chance the masterpiece would closely resemble Bora Bora, the romantic getaway destination for lovers from all over the world. The blues and greens you’ll experience as you approach the island look like something out of a fairytale and the luxury bungalows sitting in the water will make you question why you would ever want to go back home to reality.


French Polynesia is full of wonderful gems, and Tahiti is only an hour away from Bora Bora by plane. We’ve already covered a luxury paradise, so even though Tahiti is stunning we will focus on the amazing hiking adventures you’ll be able to have there. As long as you’re in good shape, you’ll be able to hike to some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet. You can also stand on the mountain ridges and admire the entire island while feeling like you’re standing on top of the world.


Trekking through tropical jungles and swimming at the bottom of luscious waterfalls will make anyone’s dreams come true, but while you’re at it while in Vanuatu you’ll get to see Mother Nature’s full power as you head up towards the clouds. Eventually you’ll stumble upon a rumbling volcano, which the government monitors to make sure it’s not fiery enough to hurt you on the day you decide to climb Mount Yasur. They say its bright glow attracted Captain Cook to the island, and all these years later you can follow in his footsteps. Our Vanuatu Island Resort is your perfect escape.


From the moment you step off the aeroplane it’s a wonderful destination for those who have an interest in diving and snorkelling. Australia has some of the best diving sites in existence, but Fiji also offers you the chance to enjoy a new culture you’ll never find anywhere when you’re at home.


Once you’ve arrived on Samoa you’ll only notice a few beautiful resorts, but on the whole it’s a generally quiet place. Those searching for some peace when they finally go on holiday will love it. The only thing you’ll see a lot of on Samoa is smiles from the locals, unless you step into the ocean where you’ll find lots of waves perfect for surfing. Even though life moves slower than the smallest waves you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

Easter Island

If a trip to Australia has to include the Great Barrier Reef, a Pacific Islands getaway must surely include Easter Island. Not to be confused with chocolate eggs, it’s one of the craziest places you’ll ever see in your life. The ancient archaeological wonders on show is equal to the majestic pyramids in Egypt. Everyone knows about the giant statues littered across the island, but you need to witness them face-to-face if they’re to take your breath away.

You’ll Also Experience So Much More

A Pacific Island getaway is just what you need, and it’s guaranteed you’ll love every second of your adventure. We’ve talked about what makes each island unique, but don’t forget it’s not the only thing you’ll get to enjoy on each one. All of the aforementioned islands have hundreds of activities to keep you occupied, so no matter which one you decide to visit it’s impossible to go wrong. Don’t forget depending on where you want to go it could be possible to squeeze more than one of them in too, because they’re not all as far away from each other as you think.