Six Reasons To Hold Your Dream Wedding in Vanuatu

Wedding Vanuatu

Your big day is fast approaching yet you still haven’t made up your mind on where you would like to hold it. Why not go to a romantic destination such as Vanuatu? This is a superb island paradise destination that is well worth considering especially if you’re looking for a tropical wedding and an experience of a lifetime.

For today’s post, therefore, we look at the top six reasons to hold your dream wedding in Vanuatu.

  • Magnificent culture

One of the most striking attractions you will notice while in Vanuatu is its unique culture and people. From warrior dancers to string music, this island nation offers virtually everything you need to spice up your wedding. What’s more, you can serve your guests with tasty traditional Vanuatu cuisines such as lap lap to make the event an unforgettable experience. On the other hand, you may opt for food that blends local ingredients such as fresh seafood and beef with French cooking techniques.

  • A touch of romance

Are you looking for a beachfront location, sensational sunset, and delicious meals for your romantic wedding? Search no more as Vanuatu promises to offer all these in a single package. All you need is to choose a reputable resort along the country’s coastline such as Iririki Island Resort & Spa where you can enjoy remarkable tropical surroundings coupled with fabulous cuisines and warm hospitality. This way, you and your guests can enjoy a fantastic stay and even dream in paradise.

  • Amazing honeymoon destinations

The joy of a wedding culminates in an amazing honeymoon destination where it’s all about you and your significant other. Vanuatu offers a blend of coastline beauty and mountains where you two can enjoy a vast range of adventurous activities. Among the notable adventure destinations to visit is the spectacular Mele Cascades; a romantic place that’s hugely popular among couples looking for splendid honeymoon photo sessions.

You can also visit the six ziplines and two suspension bridges found in the Mele Bay to have a better view of the surrounding. Couples can also opt for water-based activities such as kayaking along the serene Rentabao River, jet skiing or kite surfing in the coastal locations, or scuba diving in the islands found in the Efate’s north coast. What more could you wish for than these amazing destinations for your honeymoon?

  • Huge menagerie of wild creatures

There are more than 158 species of orchids, 80 types of butterflies, 21 varieties of palm trees, 30 reptiles’ species, 12 types of bats and flying foxes, and 12 types of birds in Vanuatu. That’s incredible to imagine, right? So, if you and your wedding guests are nature lovers, then of course you know what this means- sheer entertainment by nature. As if that’s not enough, you can choose to take a horseback trail outing through the rainforest or a walking tour through the countryside to enjoy the local landscapes once your wedding is over. You can also go for a scuba dive in the coral trenches to teem with tropical fish at the Hideaway Island Marine Reserve which happens to be the only underwater post-box in the world.

  • Tasty local drinks to supplement your after-party refreshments

A traditional drink in Vanuatu will leave you asking for more. Kava, the most popular traditional drink in the island nation, has been in existence for around 3000 years. Traditionally drunk in the tin-roofed hut known as nakamal, this tasty drink has a mild hypnotic effect that prickles the lips while also convincing sociable ease.

You can request for your drink where it will be served in a typical coconut shell. However, if you can’t get past its taste, feel free to ask for alternative refreshments such as the local Tusker beer.

  • Riding the waves

This is another breath-taking activity you can engage in to make your wedding day unique. For a more exciting experience, consider visiting an outer island where you can give this game a try. The waves along the south coast, for example, can rise to a notable 2.5 meters which makes the area quite a hit among those seeking to enjoy the game. Before engaging in the game, you can take lessons with your newly wedded partner from the riders found on the beaches.

On top of enjoying riding the waves, you get an amazing opportunity to capture spectacular wedding photographs to show off once back at home.

  • Wrap-up

There are 1001 reasons why you should hold your dream wedding in Vanuatu. As you can see, the popular island nation offers some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, amazing beaches, friendly people, and most importantly, lush resorts in which you can hold your ceremony and reside while in the country.

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