Why Vanuatu is the hidden treasure of the South Pacific

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Vanuatu is a stunning archipelago in the South Pacific; here you will have access to the best diving and snorkeling sites in the world, pristine clear waters and unchanged landscapes that showcase nature at its best. This magnificent island has a reputation as one of the best adventure destinations in the world. Beyond the deep blue clear turquoise waters, this island also wonderful hidden treasures that are memorable are extremely stunning.

Here are 5 reasons why every adventure seeker should visit Vanuatu

Awe-inspiring Vanuatu Cruises

The Vanuatu cruises dock on a number of beautiful ports including Champagne Bay, Santo, Port Vila, Wala and Mystery Island. Whether you are ending your journey in Vanuatu or simply passing through this exotic destination, you will definitely have the time of your life in Vanuatu. On board a boat cruise you can explore Vanuatu’s pristine beaches, world famous diving sites and cascading waterfalls.

Vanuatu is a unique and exceptionally romantic wedding and honeymoon destination

Vanuatu’s intimate tropical setting is romantic and the perfect setting for a beautiful and memorable wedding. The hospitable locals and their unique traditional setting create a charming atmosphere to celebrate and appreciate love. Many couples flock to Vanuatu every year to get married and reaffirm vows. Others just come to this magnificent for their honeymoon because it is serene and breathtaking. To top it off Vanuatu weddings are legally recognised globally. All that is required is to complete and lodge legal documents at least 28 days before the ceremony.

Vanuatu has beautiful local markets that will enhance your shopping experience

Vanuatu markets are scattered throughout all the islands. These markets offer a wide array of items such as wooden carvings, fresh fruits, shell necklaces and beautiful souvenirs and trinkets. These markets are open on a daily basis and offer visitors a unique chance to soak up the beautiful environs, versatile culture and friendly locals. Additionally, these markets are splattered with stylish cafés where you can sample everything from natively grown coffee to French cuisine and Chinese cuisine.

Vanuatu is home to unique cultural fusion

This beautiful island particularly Port Vila is home to unique cultural fusion influenced by French, English, Melanesian and Chinese culture. This fusion in culture has led to the creation of an exciting blend of cuisine, arts, crafts and cultural activities that present different cultural identities. The Port Vila Vanuatu markets showcase this cultural fusion by offering a range of products influenced by the different cultures that inhabit Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Beaches

Vanuatu’s pristine and gorgeous beaches are globally renowned for their golden kissed glow, soft white sand, sparkling turquoise waters and fascinating coral deposits. These beaches are ideal for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. There are several resorts and hotels on the beach-fronts that will make your stay relaxing and exceptionally relaxing. With such a wide variety to choose from, here are our top picks:

  • Champagne Beach
  • Erakor Beach
  • Bokissa Beach
  • Breakas Beach
  • Eratap Beach
  • Paradise Cove Beach
  • Tamanu Beach
  • Hideaway Beach
  • Aore Beach

Vanuatu is perfect for fishing

It is predominantly known for its deep sea fishing and reef. Its enviable strategic location in the South Pacific affords some of the world’s best fishing spots that are also serene and relaxing. Whether you are a fan of sports fishing or game fishing you can be guaranteed that Vanuatu has something to offer for you. Whether you are just dropping a line or a professional fisher out there in the thick of it, head to Vanuatu and you will definitely be impressed.

Vanuatu is the ideal surfing destination

This beautiful island is one of surfing’s best kept secrets. It provides a surfing experience that is at par with some of the best surfing spots in the world such as Samoa and Tonga. Although Vanuatu does not attract huge waves and huge crowds, it has a unique shape that is perfect for surfing. This incredible shape is to thank for the excellent surf spots. Vanuatu surfing spots boasts of some of the most powerful and hollow spots on the South Pacific.

This amazing pacific island holiday destination is guaranteed to be the trip of a lifetime.

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