Why Vanuatu is the ideal holiday destination

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Vanuatu is the ideal holiday destination for an exciting, relaxing and fun experience.

Vanuatu is globally recognised as a tourist haven because of its natural beauty that features pristine beaches, active volcanoes and secluded swimming spots. Apart from the breathtaking natural scenery, Vanuatu also has some of the most intriguing and captivating events that will no doubt be a fun and memorable experience. Vanuatu has something for everyone; whether it is diving, zip-lining, kayaking, helicopter safari, deep-sea fishing or sunset cruise all these activities are readily available. In Vanuatu you are guaranteed of a great time that will leave a lasting impression long after you resume your mundane daily grind. Are you shopping for an exciting and breathtaking holiday destination? Here are 5 reasons why Vanuatu should be your next holiday destination

• Affordable and pleasant accommodation options and amazing restaurants that serve diverse and delicious foods

Vanuatu has a huge diversity of accommodation options for all price ranges. Although it is not particularly crowded by mega-resorts and worldwide chains, it is has a wide array of boutique hotels that are mostly found in secluded locals. Iririki Island Resort & Spa is a stunning private island resort just 3 minutes from Port Villa worth checking out. Common characteristics that most Vanuatu hotels share is personalised service, friendly and professional staff. Whether you prefer Japanese, Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese delicacies, you can find them in Vanuatu. If you are on your honeymoon or are looking for a romantic restaurant then the famous Azure Restaurant, previously known as Michener’s Restaurant has the ideal setting. They not only offer a romantic atmosphere but also have menus that suit romantic-themed meals.

• Vanuatu has unique and diverse cultures and the locals are extremely friendly and hospitable

The locals are very friendly and freely share their unique culture with visitors without hesitation or hostility. Vanuatu has 83 inhabited islands that have over 1000 tribes! In fact some languages are only spoken in one village. A visit round the Vanuatu locality will open your eyes to traditions that most people only have the opportunity to see on National Geography. One cultural activity that is worth checking out is Land Diving is Pentecost Island. According to CNN Pentecost Island is home to one of the most bizarre and intriguing traditions in the world.

The land diving ritual involves local boys as young as 7 and men jumping from a 25-30 meter high man-made tower with only a vine tied to their legs! The tower is a traditional construction that takes five weeks to build using locally sourced materials. This tradition literally puts the life of the divers in danger, a slight miscalculation or slip can be the difference between life and death. For a snapshot of Vanuatu’s unique cultural practice, hit up the handicrafts market in Port Vila.

• Vanuatu has a wide array of memorable, exciting and relaxing holiday activities

Vanuatu is the perfect holiday destination particularly for those who love being active while on holiday. Some of these activities include:

There is plenty to offer for Surfers in Vanuatu such as perfectly shaped reef breaks. Some great surfing spots in Vanuatu include Erakor Point, Breakas on Efate and Port Resolution on Tanna Island.

If you are a scuba diving or snorkeling enthusiast then this is your forte. Vanuatu is a great place to don a mask and snorkel so that you can observe the breathtaking underwater. Hideaway Island is popular snorkeling site , here you will not only find huge schools of eels, rays , reef fish and richly colored coral but will also be able to view a underwater post office! This underwater post office is serviced by Vanuatu post. Otherwise right off Snorkelers Cove at Iririki Island Resort & Spa you can catch a glimpse of Vanuatu’s spectacular marine life.

Helicopter rides
If you are looking for a breathtaking and romantic way to pop the question to your partner, then Vanuatu helicopter rides are perfect for you. Nothing says; “I love you” quite like a helicopter flight to a beautiful island and a bottle of champagne. Even if your reason is not romance, Vanuatu helicopter rides are a great way to spend an afternoon and sight see.

Market Shopping
You can either head to the handicrafts market which has a variety to offer to tourists or wander down the main streets for a truly unique local experience. The handicrafts market has tourist-focused products such as carvings, paintings and a few less authentic products such as tacky t-shirts.

• Ever wanted to see an active volcano? Visit Vanuatu and you will be stunned by the Mt Yasur Volcano

This is arguably the most easily accessible active volcano in the world. It is constantly bubbling away with glowing red molten rock that is thrown into the air. The hiss and boom of the escaping gases creates one of the most captivating sounds that will be a lifelong memory.

Vanuatu is a great holiday destination that has everything for everyone!